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Journal of Digitainability, Realism & Mastery (DREAM) with e-ISSN: 2948-4383 is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal devoted to Management Science and Social Sciences fields. The journal is wholly owned by Fayrel Management Services (IP0570933-M). The journal publishes and circulates high-quality academic articles and industry reports every month that promote the better understanding of the Business Administration, Management of Technology and Innovation, Tourism Management, e-Society, Education Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Economic & Financial Perspectives, Behavioral Sciences, Humanities & Arts, Transportation, Sociology etc.

DREAM Journal welcomes the following types of author contribution i.e., Theoretical Articles, Conceptual Articles, Empirical Articles, Systematic Literature Reviews, Perspectives, Research Notes, Book Reviews, and White Paper (Industry).

DREAM journal offers fully open access publication that means all papers are Freely available to readers. Authors are required to pay the Article Processing Charges (APC) upon acceptance of paper after a peer-reviewed process.

DREAM journal articles are currently indexed in CrossRef and Google Scholarand shortly will be archived/indexed in MyCITE, and DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal). All published articles will be assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for citation, indexing and higher visibility.

The Thematic areas of journal are listed below:

  •       Digital Transformation
  •       Eco-Tourism
  •       Sustainability
  •       Management Science & Informatics
  •       Social Well-Being
  •       Social Capital
  •       Smart Cities
  •       Big Data Analytics

DREAM publishes peer-reviewed, original research and review articles in an open access format. Accepted articles span the full extent of the technology management, social and behavioral sciences and the humanities.

DREAM aims to be the most important technology management journal. The journal evaluates the research methods of each article for validity and accepts articles solely on the basis of the research. Likewise, by not restricting papers to a narrow discipline, DREAM facilitates the discovery of the connections between papers, whether within or between disciplines.

DREAM offers authors a continuous-publication format and global distribution for their research. All articles are professionally copyedited and typeset to ensure quality.


Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 12 (2023): Dream - 1st Institute of Business (IoB) Postgraduate Conference, Timor-Leste
					View Vol. 2 No. 12 (2023): Dream - 1st Institute of Business (IoB) Postgraduate Conference, Timor-Leste

We are delighted to present this special issue December 2023 of Dream Journal, dedicated to the conference proceedings of "Innovating for a Resilient Economy: Sustainable Business Practices in Timor-Leste." This pioneering event, scheduled for the 14th of December, 2023, at the Institute of Business, Dili, Timor-Leste, marks a significant milestone in our relentless pursuit of sustainable economic growth and resilience within our nation.

Timor-Leste, with its rich cultural heritage and natural resources, has embarked on a transformative journey towards a more resilient and sustainable economy. The "Innovating for a Resilient Economy" conference stands as a beacon of hope and an avenue for profound change. It assembles a diverse array of thought leaders, experts, and innovators from across the globe, all converging at a single platform to share their insights, experiences, and visionary ideas.

This conference promises to be an intellectual feast, fostering discussions and collaborations that will pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. Esteemed keynote speakers with backgrounds in academia, industry, and policymaking will grace the event with their wisdom and perspectives, offering valuable insights that will resonate with all participants.

In this special issue of the journal, we bring you a curated selection of the conference's most noteworthy papers, encapsulating the cutting-edge research, innovative strategies, and sustainable business practices discussed during the event. These papers, authored by distinguished scholars, experts, and professionals, cover a wide spectrum of topics encompassing sustainable economics, resilient business models, and forward-thinking policy frameworks tailored to the unique context of Timor-Leste.

Each contribution in this issue is a testament to the commitment of our conference attendees to foster positive change and drive innovation in the pursuit of a resilient economy. We believe that the insights shared within these pages will serve as a valuable resource for academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and anyone dedicated to the advancement of sustainable practices in Timor-Leste and beyond.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the conference participants, authors, reviewers, and organizers who have contributed to making this event and this special issue possible. Together, we embark on a transformative journey towards a more sustainable and resilient future for Timor-Leste.

Published: 2023-12-03


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