Vol. 3 No. 02 (2024): DREAM-ISSUE 02, FEBRUARY 2024

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The February 2024 issue of the journal "DREAM," marking the second issue of its third volume, illustrates the transformative role of technology in shaping future landscapes. The issue's core theme, "TECHVOLUTION: POWERING PROGRESS, SHAPING TOMORROW," reflects a deep dive into how digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are driving sustainable development and contributing to the mastery of complex subjects. It emphasizes the importance of "DIGITAINABILITY," which combines AI and digitalization with sustainable growth, "REALISM," focusing on scientific methods for developing direct and critical knowledge, and "MASTERY," which is about achieving a profound level of comprehension in specialized areas. This edition intends to unpack the intricate relationship between technological evolution and the mastery of digital tools to foster a more sustainable and informed future.


Published: 2024-02-29