Vol. 3 No. 03 (2024): DREAM-ISSUE 03, MARCH 2024

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DREAM Journal presents 3rd issue of March 2024, a compelling convergence of Digitainability, Realism, and Mastery, driving the discourse on technopreneurship to innovative heights. This edition shares the symbiosis of digitalization and sustainability, exploring how Artificial Intelligence (AI) catalyzes sustainable development across industries. With a critical eye on Realism, it offers a scientific approach for cultivating direct and essential knowledge, steering clear of abstract notions to ground readers in practical, evidence-based research. The issue also celebrates Mastery, advocating for a profound comprehension of specific subjects, equipping readers with the expertise to make impactful decisions in their professional realms. This issue is a must-read for pioneers in the field seeking to marry technological innovation with lasting, meaningful impact.

Published: 2024-04-04